In the beginning it was a Pure Idea – however, as always. We wanted to reconcile the irreconcilable, having combined together unbeatable convenience and an exceptional low price. You say- impossible? Not at all. We have managed to achieve our aim!

Please meet. It is our «ONYX».

There is a professional gun for polyurethane foam. It is very good, but too expensive. There is the usual nozzle supplied with the cylinder. It does not cost anything, but in this case we can safely forget about convenience of work.

Our «ONYX» combines the advantages of both. 


It became the ideal tool, both in hands of the house master, and in an arsenal of the professional. The tool in which every detail is carefully thought over.

Simplicity and reliability of a design. Possibility of multiple use and exact dosing of foam. Compatibility with any cylinders. Finally, the clever design and ergonomics. And all this for the fun price which is incomparable with the cost of a usual foam applicator!

The really good stuff is very simple. Yes, we did it! And now we would like to share with you our discovery. Let it be convenient and cheap!